Music, Dance, Spiritual Teachings and Languages form the four pillars of SUR Academy. The group learning environment replicates the "Gurukul" style of teaching, instilling confidence, perseverance and discipline through peer-to-peer collaboration.
Classes are offered for both adults and children and start from the beginner level all the way to advanced level.

Classes in both Hindustani and Carnatic music, teach the student how to use ragas and talas string the 7 notes into melodious music.
Indian Classical dance forms - Odissi and Bharatanatyam, culminate rhythmic hand and body movements with facial expressions to tell stories from the Indian scriptures and epics. Students build up stamina through the training and explore their creativity of expression.
Spiritual Teachings:
The Bala Gurukulam  aims to instill the Moral Value System of Sanatam Dharma to children, as taught in the Hindu scriptures, and guide them to grow into responsible citizens of the future. The children learn symbolism and diety worship in Hinduism through stories, crafts and singing hymns. The texts covered include the Ramayana, Bhagavad Gita, Hanuman Chalisa, Lingashatakam, Guru Sthotram, Ganesha sthotram and more.
The Bhagavad Gita study groups enable adults to understand the philosophy and teachings that guide our spiritual journey through life

Learn to read and write in Hindi and Sanskrit.